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Statistical Consulting in
Cognitive Science

Statisical Consultiing Center in Cognitive Science was established on June 2019 at the Institute for Cognitive and Brain Science, Shahid Behehsti University, Tehran. However, I closed the center immediately after my resignation. Therefore, the center does not exist anymore.

As there were plenty of requests received from researchers in the society of cognitive science, I decided to continue helping them through 12 experts that I had trained during the past two years. Therefore, all the requests arrived in will be handled by my team under the close supervision of myself. No final report will be exported before my line-by-line proof reading of the statistical analyses, computerized codes, and any other attachment. 

We provide statistical advice and support to clients from any academic center and department in the country which focuses on any branch of cognitive science. Support will be provided in the following areas:
  • Research Planning
  • Design of Experiments and Sampling
  • Statistical Modeling and Analysis
  • Analysis Results Interpretation
  • Giving Advice on Preparing the Statistical Chapter of theses and Dissertations
  • Building Tasks using PsychoPy and C#

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